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BENIF, self-adhesive architectural film decorating walls, ceilings & furniture, offers exceptional design versatility with wide range of colors and patterns. Its special self-adhesive treatment allows quick and easy application.

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Lx Hausys Benif-Interior Film

Lx Hausys Interior Film is designed for flat lamination and profile wrapping.

With its special self-adhesive treatment, interior film is easy to apply not only on flat surface but also on irregular surface, saving time and cost.

Interior Film Wood

Premium Wood: Sense the natural pattern and texture, with design that manifest the most, exterior and texture expression of real wood. Wood: Exquisite dimensional sense and texture expression of real wood.

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High GlossSolid / Abstract / Metal

Fire retardant interior film accomplished by glossy effect with world's first high glossy surface treatment.

Product design with the world's first high glossy surface treatment.

Providing easy installation with optimal product thickness.

Preventing surface scratches by protective film during installation.

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El ReinaDesign

With the basis of artistic design, exhibited special printing process and fashion metal effect. A detailed artistic design and excellent surface texture effect with a special printing process. Maximizing sophisticated metal texture effect by a fashion metal processing method. Visual dimensional effect, with a special embossed printing process.

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Solid / Abstract / Metal

Solid: Diversified and elaborate tones, ranging from vivid to monotone color.

Metal: Lavish and discreet gloss and colors, compared to real metal.

Abstract: Marble and leather pattern, where interior space may be applied easily.

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BENIF has excellent flexibility and adhesion, which allows perfect finish to curved areas and complex shapes. Also it can be easily repaired or removed, partially or as a whole piece.


BENIF is recognized for product safety by passing domestic and global fire safety certification tests to protect the life and safety of customers in case of fire.


BENIF is constantly striving to minimize harmful substances to the human body and environment in consideration of the safety and environment of customers and builders.


Highly resistant to impact, abrasion and scratching. BENIF is also very stable even when exposed to heat, humidity or low temperatures.